Crescent Fresh Foods

Crescent Foods prides itself on being a leading provider of Premium All Natural Zabiha Halal (Hand Slaughtered) Products.

Hub of Quality & Nutrition is Crescent Halal Chicken

Food consumption trends are changing globally, and people are becoming more health-conscious than ever. We take pride in offering Crescent Fresh Foods, a brand name that is the leading provider of Premium All Natural Zabiha Halal (Hand Slaughtered) products.

Nowadays, the awareness of culturally acceptable foods has increased a lot which has directly helped us in improving the ability to meet the needs of a diversified society. So as a matter of fact, it has become important to take into consideration every individual’s perspective on his or her cultural and religious practices.

Therefore, WeGotMeat has a vast range of Crescent Foods that offers a large variety of Halal Chicken Products including Crescent Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, Crescent Foods Chicken Tenderloins, and Zabiha Halal Crescent Whole Organic Chicken. Crescent Foods understands the concern of halal, fresh and quality chicken products and thus tends to raise them naturally and with a complete and pure vegetarian diet free from antibiotics or hormone injections. Crescent Foods always has the best quality of crescent fresh chicken which is also their signature product completely halal.

Pasture Raised Halal Whole Chicken - WeGotMeat- Columbus Ohio Halal Meat Delivery

Pasture Raised Zabiha Halal Whole Chicken

Hand Slaughtered Pasture Raised Whole Chicken Sold in Quantity (Approx 3.4lbs per Chicken) Slice through this pasture raised chicken to see the d...

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