3 Ingredients To Amplify Your Dishes

Food comes in many shapes and sizes, it is made with different ingredients and is served with different sauces, food is something that is enjoyed by everyone worldwide, it is not just a necessity at this point but it has become a source of enjoyment and fun for people, even at home people are always trying to brew up new stuff in the kitchen and experimenting with new ingredients trying to add a unique flavor to their dishes.

There are many ways by which you can change the taste of a dish or add a new flavor to it, some ingredients can be switched out for other ones and there you go you’ve made a new dish in your own home, cooking is a very common hobby among people as it helps them eat healthily but also save some money by not buying food from restaurants, here are some ingredients you can use next time you try to add a new taste to your dish.


Oregano is a simple herb which is similar to mint but packs much more flavor to it than mint, it is used in many dishes such as pizzas and pasta, but you can try experimenting with it in some of your own homemade dishes adding a subtle yet definite taste, it isn’t something that will change your dish completely but it is a nice touch.

Ginger or Garlic

Ginger and garlic are known to add more to any dish they are used in, these vegetables pack a ton of flavor in them, these veggies can create an irresistible taste and their scent can make anyone’s mouth water but the problem that most people face with ginger and garlic is adding them without going through the ordeal of peeling them especially garlic, it can be a tedious job, but now you can just use a paste for it, ginger and garlic paste come prepared and you must try Shan ginger garlic paste which is available at WeGotMeat the best halal beef store in your town.

Meat Pastes

Now, this item makes it to this list due to the fact that meat makes everything taste much better and no one can deny that, it adds a certain flavor to the dish no matter what dish it is added in, but many people don’t really enjoy the texture of meat and having meat in every dish can be a little bothersome, that is why some genius came up with this amazing invention called meat paste this paste eliminates the texture of meat while still giving you the taste of meat in any dish it is added in, it is a great item to have and can be used in many dishes.

So here you go, three simple items that you can use to amplify your dish and add a new and unique flavor to your dishes, you can use these items to impress your guests next time they come over for dinner, but you can’t blame them if they keep coming back for more.


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Shan Ginger Paste, prepared with pure and fresh ginger, is your secret kitchen companion, to help you prepare your everyday meals with convenience.

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Shan Garlic Paste

Shan Garlic Paste, prepared with pure and fresh garlic, is your secret kitchen companion, to help you prepare your everyday meals with convenience.

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